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Voice of the Voiceless

Voice of the Voiceless


Freedom and Equal Justice

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Every American is proud and being humbled, when they say the pledge of allegiance to the Flag of united States of America. Yes this is the country of migrants where everyone is respected with dignity. Until the tragic incident of 911, it was the same experience to all, but now the country lost its charm and equal justice become only in description but not in action.  JFA America founded to restore the fundamental principle under which the country is founded where every human being is treated with respect and dignity.

  1. Provide legal assistance to the needy people who were denied justice or justice is not served.

  2. To educate general public on the constitution of the country and local bodies and stand for the people who denied the justice guaranteed by the constitution and its amendments.

  3. Conduct studies and research on the areas where basic human rights are violated.

  4. Support the needy who denied justice on the ground of his/her/their ethnicity, skin color or  any other characters including sexual orientation.

  5. To provide leadership in preventing human rights violation.

  6. Support other organizations working on similar principles in the area of preventing human rights violation all over the world.

  7. Educate and empower people around the world in the field of international human rights declared by the United Nations and support the mission in protecting the true spirit of international human rights law.

  8. Conduct independent investigations on human rights violations and report findings to appropriate legal body of the country where the violations occurred and reported as well as further report the same to international human rights organizations responsible.

  9. Conduct fundraising events for the purpose of existence of the organization and any specific cause to support basic human rights and humanitarian assistance.

  10. Support individuals and organizations working in the field of Education, Research & Development in developing higher living standards for the humanity.

News Update

Anand Jon Case Update

Anand Jon Won the New York case, and now moved to California to complete his sentence term. JFA America is working with Anand to defend the case in California, since we have a lot of new discoveries proving Anand’s innocence in the case where he is wrongly convicted.

We request General Public to write to Governor of California & Attorney General to reinvestigate the case

July 4th Celebration with Anand Jon

Prema Antony  Thekkek (President JFAA) &  Thampi Antony (Director Media Relations) along with Shashi Abraham Celebrated July 4th with Anand Jon  at Tehachapi Prison. Thampi Antony will be sharing their experience very soon. Thank you Prema, Thampi & Shashi for your graciousness to take extra effort to go and meet Anand and spend time with  him.

JFA distributed awards to the winners.

2nd Anniversary Celebration of JFA & Reception to Dr. Shamsheer

JFA NEWS Release / Historic Speech of Prof. Dr. Joy T. Kunjappu

JFA Leadership team joined hands with NAN (National Action Network) and participated in the rally organized for equal justice in Newark, NJ. Mr.Alex Koshy Vilanilam, Mr. Thomas T Omman, Mr.Thomas Koovallor, Mr.Thomas M Thomas, Mr.Abraham Thomas, Mr. Raveendran Narayanan, Ms Elizabeth Philip, Mr. Philip Thomas, Mr Sunny Panicker, Mr. Jiby Thomas - President of KANJ, Mr Madhu Rajan -  General Secretary of India Press Club and many friends and supporters of JFA joined this historic event.